Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

"Eden Frolic" Dreamscapes 2

Eden Frolic celebrates human nature with mythological and personal symbolism

True to his love of human nature and mystique - as well as mischievousness - Vincent incorporated allegory, symbolism, and secret messages within his otherwise playfully innocent dreamscape visions.  Smarkusz's imagery shifted strongly away from the surreal and abstract figurations of Fusionism, towards the more fabulist and mythopoetic "Mythic-realism" of Eden Frolic.  The artist's quest of a personalized mythos, and his love of fable, continues on display.
by George William Russell
(Poet and Mystic Painter)
The children were shouting together
And racing along the sands,
A glimmer of dancing shadows,
A dovelike flutter of hands.

The stars were shouting in heaven,
The sun was chasing the moon:
The game was the same as the children’s,
They danced to the self-same tune.

The whole of the world was merry,
One joy from the vale to the height,
Where the blue woods of twilight encircled
The lovely lawns of the light.