Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

World War II Drawings

Smarkusz displayed his drawings from WWII at the Hartford Art School in 1946

On January 12, 1946 Vincent Smarkusz received his World War II Victory Medal, and was released from the Army Air Force.  He returned home to live and work in the Hartford / New Britain, CT area, and resumed his studies at the Hartford Art School.
During the spring semester of that year, Vincent arranged a collection of 30 drawings he created while stationed in the Pacific to be shown at the annual Hartford Art School show.  The classes and shows were both held in the Avery Memorial Building of the Wadsworth Athenaeum - a world class museum which frequently collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.  James Johnson Sweeney, who was then chief curator and director of MoMA, visited the show and wrote a glowing revue of Smarkusz’s work - published in the Hartford Courant on May 10, 1946.
The full text of Sweeney's review can be read HERE.
This gallery presents just a handful of the hundreds of drawings Vincent produced over a five year period in the Army Air Force from 1941 to 1946 - including a couple of lithographic prints he created right after the war.  The rest have been scattered by the winds of time.  Hopefully more of them will surface someday in response to this World Wide Web presentation.  Please contact us through the Museum page if you have Smarkusz art of any kind you would like to share, sell, or inquire about.