Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

The MANCENT Collection

Welcome to the Smarkusz art collection of Manfred Hecht and Vincent Pullano

Manfred Hecht was the owner of The Hermitage Gallery in New York City when he hosted Vincent Smarkusz's one-man show titled "A Garden of Earthly Pleasure" in late 1973.  The exhibit featured many fine examples of the artist's "Eden Frolic" Mythic-realism paintings.  It ultimately became Vincent's 'grand finale' - being held just ten months prior to his death in October of 1974.
The curators of this collection are grateful to Mr. Hecht and Mr. Pullano for their generosity in allowing us to display these fascinating images here. We also feel that these entries have helped us greatly in fulfilling our continuing quest to find and present the artist's entire lifetime of work.  This website now contains two of the largest and most comprehensive collections of works created by one of the twentieth century's most unique and dedicated visual artists - Vincent Smarkusz.
The first twelve images in this gallery are of Vincent's "Months of the Year" series - images composed of symbolic elements ranging from mythical and modern, to personally idiosyncratic.  These 12, and the additional 45 entries from the Mancent Collection, are classic iconic 1960s New Age Smarkusz!