Vincent Smarkusz

Undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art

Smarkusz - Later Years galleries: 1961 to 1974

Art Inspires Life - "Eden Frolic" Dreamscapes and "Aura View" Portraits

This group of Later Years galleries contains some of the artist's most iconic images created between 1961 and 1974.  It begins with Smarkusz abandoning the figurative abstractions we call Fusionism, for a new style of fabulist Mythic-realism painting we call "Eden Frolic" dreamscapes.   It was a hard shift away from his surreal mythomorphic abstraction, to a more naturalistic mythic-realism.

During this same period Smarkusz also developed a style of abstract yet sensual figurative paintings we call "Aura View" portraits.  This final style is a sensual Figurative Expressionism combined with abstract Color field auras of mystique and emotion.  He began creating them as quickly produced snapshots of human nature - while still painting his more elaborate Eden Frolic dreamscapes.  He was creating both kinds of paintings right up until the time of his death in October of 1974.

These galleries conclude with three final collections of Smarkusz's work:  His Abstract Expressionist Christine Series portraits of his niece; Then his Family Portraits produced in several styles over the years;  And we close with a collection of Eden Frolic paintings Smarkusz displayed at his last exhibition in New York City.  It was presented during the month of December, 1973, and was named by Vincent himself as "A Garden of Earthly Pleasure".

Vincent Thedore Smarkusz passed away on October 4, 1974 at his home in Boston.


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Revelation and Resurrection - End of Fusionism and birth of Mythic-Realism:


Born Again and Coming Out in the New Age revolution of 1960s America:


"Eden Frolic" - Symbolist Dreamscapes in a "Garden of Earthly Pleasure":


The Abstract and Figurative Expressions of  Vincent's "Aura View" portraits:


Uncle V's Niece - The Christine Series in Gestural Abstraction:


Portraits and Fantasy Scenes of Family and Friends:


New York City Show "A Garden of Earthly Pleasure" - Christmas Season 1973:


Vincent T. Smarkusz dies in Boston at the age of 55, on October 4th, 1974:

- The Full Harvest, Full Hunter's, and Hallowen Blue Moons of October 1 & 31, 1974
- Zaduszki at Sacred Heart - All Souls Day / Day of the Dead - Nov. 2nd 1974